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Marble is the stone that is forever! It is a classic material that will never date or go out of style. Bluewater Surfaces is known for its extensive collection of fine marbles from around the world. We are always looking for new marbles to bring into the market. Marble is very suitable for kitchens, baths, showers and flooring. No marble is the same and often mistaken for problematic. Come in and learn how you can have marble that is etch and stain resistant using new technologies that are now available to our market. Remember Marble is forever.

quartz & Granite

Quartzite is a super hard natural stone that often is compared to diamonds. A lot of quartzite’s can come in many colors and often mimic marble in veining and color. Quartzite has the unique marbleized look often without the inherent etching issues that some marbles can have. Although Quartzite is one of the toughest stones in the world, not all quartzite’s are the same. So come in and learn more about this stone.

Granite is a very classy no non sense natural stone that can come in many colors and variations. Often granites that are used in kitchens will have many different minerals with in the stone itself. Giving it truly an exotic look that can add the” pop” to a muted area. Come in and check out all the imported stock granites and learn more about them.


Our engineered concrete countertops are like no other. When people think concrete they often think of the outdoor patio. That is not the case with engineered concrete. Every concrete countertop is made with an exact recipe. Every gram of sand, cement and other goodies are weighted out and measured precisely to give a superior surface. We can make just about any color in the wheel with our concrete. Samples and displays can be seen in our showroom. Concrete is truly a one of a kind look for the right room. Come in and find out more about our process and the amazing sealers we use on our concrete.



Sintered Stone (Porcelain)

New technologies in manufacturing have taken old world porcelain tile and turned them into large slabs that can be fabricated and used for areas such as countertops, flooring, shower surrounds, cladding and fireplaces. Manufactures are able to replicate the unique looks of natural stone with some added benefits. Bluewater Surfaces works with many manufactures such as Neolith and Dekton. There are many more companies coming on line with these types of slabs. Not all are the same. We tend to work with the manufactures that are tested and known to have good characteristics. Come in and check out the samples and displays in our showroom to learn more about this amazing new product.

Dustin does great work. He finds custom granite and marble that looks great. Very happy with the countertops he installed. He has great pricing and needs to charge more.
— Darek Huck · October 16, 2016