Welcome to Bluewater Surfaces!

Southeastern North Carolina’s premier surface artisans.

Using the three distinct hard surfaces: natural stone, engineered Concrete and Sintered Stone. Bluewater Surfaces has found the formula to provide a cohesive eco- friendly design with an artisan’s touch!

Bluewater Surfaces has the most extensive selections of in stock natural stones in S.E. N.C. We are constantly traveling the world and importing our own unique stones. A lot of our materials can only be found in our yard due to way we purchase natural stone overseas and import select colors. Truly unique to our market.

Explore through our site to help with the design process of meshing the finest hard surface materials in the world and let your creativity flow!

With three generations of craftsmanship, our focus is to provide surfaces that are the leading edge in design, fabrication and installation. Every countertop, fireplace, shower surrounds and furniture pieces are unique and have their own character.

In today’s ever changing world there are new materials being discovered for use in our everyday lives. Bluewater Surfaces has searched for the formula in providing a balanced use for the top three hard surfaces used in the world. We have dedicated our lives to working and shaping natural stone tiles and slabs, engineered concrete and Sintered Stones into everyday surfaces. Using new technologies with old world craftsmanship we are providing higher quality and more environmentally friendly surfaces for your home and office. Through continued education we can raise the bar and set higher industry standards.